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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Of Skunks and Inspiration

There I was.... That's the beginning of every bad or good aviation story, and this isn't an aviation story.  Well, there I was sitting in bed around midnight and reading on my iPad when my Shellie, Chino, came in snorting.  He snorts all the time (it means he's offended about something), but this was strange snorting.  I had heard him in an altercation with the neighboring wildlife--he does that often.  Usually he gets upset with raccoons, opossums, squirrels, birds, ducks, geese, and sometimes, skunks.  He was slammed by a skunk a couple of years ago--I thought he had learned his lesson.  He didn't.  There was no smell at first--then it came all at once and filled the room.  The smell was nothing like the terrible short whiff you get from a drive by skunk squish.  This was potent, and I could tell the skunk had been grazing in the rosemary in my house goddess' garden.  The house goddess rose from her slumber with a look of action in her eyes.  I knew what that meant.  I just wanted to throw the dog back into the darkness.  He could play all night with the skunk for all I care--his shots are up to date.  The house goddess pulled the skunk stink solution from her cupboard--did I tell you, she is always prepared (better than a boyscout or a girlscout).  We ended up in the poolhouse.  I ended up with skunk stink all over my hands.  The dog was desmelled, and I closed him in the mudroom.  No more midnight wilderness encounters for him.  Then we opened the windows, turned on the fans, and turned off the AC.  I went to sleep with the scent of very potent skunk in my nose.  I think it was slowly numbing my smeller, but not enough that I couldn't smell skunk.

What does this have to do with inspiration?  Actually nothing.  I have some new experiences, but all I wrote, I wrote to you.  I'm not sure how to turn this into a good scene either--all I could think is how mad I was at the dog for being stupid again.  Maybe he needs glasses--how about night vision goggles.  I thought dogs were supposed to be able to see well in the dark.  You would think after one skunk experience, he would have "caught a clue."  You can't feel sorry for the dog, the skunk, or the victims (me and the house goddess)--it would never make a good scene.

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