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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A New Novel, Part 55 Uniforms and the Demon's Grin

So, I described the details of the dormitory and the rooms Aksinya and Natalya will use.  The point in scene setting is to spend the right amount of time and words on these descriptions.  Too much disturbs the flow of the narrative, too little doesn't give the reader a good enough picture.  And that's the point.  An author is trying to draw a picture with words.  The words and the picture are critical to the novel because they each support the theme and draw along the story and plotline.  You can see how I use dialog in the description to transition the description and to make it something more than just a list of things.

The Reverend Mother beamed, “Are you decided then, Countess. You will be studying with us?”

“Yes, we shall.”

Frau Drescher frowned, “You will need to be fitted for your uniforms.”


“Yes, all the ladies here wear similar uniforms.”

Aksinya smiled, “Ah, the clothing they were wearing all matched. That will be fine for us. The Lady Natalya can fit us both, she is very skilled.”

The Reverend Mother put her hands together, “If it is all right with you, we can loan you both uniforms until yours can be made for you. That would allow you to start classes right away. Frau Drescher, please find uniforms that will fit the countess and her lady.”

Frau Drescher frowned again, “Yes, Reverend Mother.” Frau Drescher disappeared.

Aksinya stepped around the rooms again. She asked Natalya in Russian, “I should have asked you before, Lady Natalya, can you live here? Will this be acceptable to you?”

Natalya’s face was ecstatic, “Yes, Countess, I would love to live here. I will be very happy with you.”

Aksinya addressed the Reverend Mother, “Everything is worked out. We will live here, and we will study at your school.”

The Freiherr and Freifrau Bockmann nodded in pleasure. The Lady Natalya’s smile was almost as wide as her beautiful face. The Reverend Mother held her hands together with delight. Asmodeus grinned. Aksinya caught that grin, and she was suddenly filled with foreboding.

Aksinya forgot her role with the Lady Natalya--she is her first friend and confidant.  After the question of the uniforms is settled, Aksinya remembers to ask Natalya her preferences.  That is a little late, all the decisions and the arrangements are already made.  Note Natalya's response, she is ecstatic.  She doesn't care that Aksinya doesn't ask--Natalya is unused to being asked anything.  Natalya just picks up the pieces and makes everything right.  She will fit the uniforms.  She will take care of Aksinya.  This will occur over and over.  Still, Aksinya must ask Natalya before everything is in order.  This is the way of Aksinya's life--perfection of order, although not in the correct order.
The end is the response from the participants.  The Bockmanns are happy.  Natalya is happy.  The Reverend Mother is happy.  Asmodeus is happy.  Aksinya is filled with foreboding--her joy turned around... Isn't this the point of the demon's existence.  He is to carry out evil in Aksinya's name.  In everything, Aksinya should expect her joy to be turned into unhappiness, that is as long as she opposes evil.  If she accepts evil, then the actions of the demon should make her happy.

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