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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Opps I am writing a new book - Daemon

This happens about every six months.  I get an idea for a book that is worth pursuing.  That's what just happened.  Since I am working double full time, this book will take a while to write.  Therefore, I thought I could take a break from writing about the subjects I have been pursuing and actually give a little blow by blow about writing this new book.  So, we are going to take a little hiatus from writing about writing science fiction to actually talk about starting a new book.

What's it all about.  If you have read any of my writing, you know I am not a single genre author.  My writing tends to be mixed genre.  The plots of my early historical fiction novels tend to be about the ancient world, but I use different mechanisms to bring you to those ancient worlds.  My latest novels have been historical moving into the modern era.  I have written three novels that are modern era but that point back into the past--they are, as yet, unpublished.  They are Antebellum,, The Enchantment of the Hearth,, and Dana-ana,  They are all mixed genre books, and like I have mentioned they are different.  All my books are different.  The reason is, you can't expect people to be enthused with a rewriting of x.  Pick any book or any plot to fill in x.  Remember, your themes can be similar, but the plots and storylines need to be unique.  So my books are unique.

Now I have another unique book to write.  As I mentioned, it is kind of set in the modern era, 1917 to be exact.  The premise is based on a specific scene.  I pictured in my mind a young woman, Aksinya--the age isn't set yet, but I'm thinking 17 to 19.  She is not beautiful or developed or refined, but she is a child of aristocracy.  Her father is a Russian Count and her mother is a Romanov Princess.  She is an odd child who was always alone but who loved her family.  She had access to an old guest house on her father's property where she found some odd and ancient Latin books.  She taught herself Latin and discovered the books were all concerning the use of magic.  (This is all back story).  The book begins when Aksinya is conjuring a demon to protect her family from the Bolsheviks.  She succeeds in calling up the demon Asmodeus and contracting him, but she is too late to save her family.

That is the beginning.  Now I am working 40 hours a week on Engineering, 40 hours a week on all my other business (property, books, author, 2 classes, and management), and the rest on writing this book.  We shall see how much I can give to these pages, but I will update you on the book.


  1. L.D. (Or what do you like to be called?),

    Thanks for sharing this "creative moment." I think it is fascinating the extent to which inspired writeres - as opposed to "wanna be" authors - always know what they want to write about. The stories are in us - screaming to get out. I have never understood the "agonizing" (described in so many "creative writing" classes and articles about writing) involved in selecting a topic or finding a theme. It sounds as if you, like I, know what you want to write. The only problem is finding the time to do so and then, of course, fine-tuning the message, selecting the right perspective, construction, and language. The story is always there, inside, but every story can be told a thousand different ways.

    Allow me, as a historian just one comment on your choice of mixed genre: while this may work well for you and delight your readers, I believe that history itself offers such a vast wealth of radically different experiences that it is possible to write an almost infinite number of unique and very different stories without ever leaving the purely historical genre. If a writer keeps telling the same story again and again simply dressed up in different costumes than the problem is with the writer - not the genre.

    Last but not least, I'd been a bit hesitant to link this blog to my own because my genre is strictly historical and I wasn't sure if the science fiction focus of your recent posts was appropriate. On the other hand, I think just hearing how others create is valuable. Hope you'll link to my blog as well.
    Helena P. Schrader

  2. As your personal friend I am always inspired by your uniqueness to balance family, life, business and Gods calling on your life. I enjoy your imaginative method of telling a story that both captures my attention, intellectually pushes me forward in my evolution as a scholar, a man and a christian.

    I am looking forward to catching up on your blogs here and eventually sitting down to reading the novel in its whole.

    To Cigars, love and life

    Your friend
    Dr Ryan P. Muller