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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New Novel, Part 25 Preperations for Travel

The relationship between Aksinya and Asmodeus begins to change.  This is what you should be observing.  Natalya in the mix becomes the major difference.  Note how she reacts and remember, only Aksinya can really hear and fully understand the demon's words--or so the demon tells her.

A solid knock came at the bedroom door and it flew open. Asmodeus strode into the room.

Aksinya didn’t look at him, “You should at least wait until you are invited in.”

“I heard my name mentioned.”

“You were mistaken. Where have you been?”

“Taking care of your business, countess.”

“And that would be?”

“Our travel arrangements.”

“The next time you arrange for my room, ensure there is a sitting room.”

“My choice doesn’t please you?”

“A countess and her lady should have a sitting room. Then you will not be able to burst directly into her boudoir.” Aksinya carefully blanked her mind, “I would also like some things from my baggage.”

“Yes,” the demon’s voice was silky.

“I need my mother’s jewelry box so I may make some choices before I step down to supper.”

“You are not going anywhere for supper.”

Aksinya whirled around with a glare.

“There are Bolsheviks watching this inn. You shall not go down to supper. We shall leave tonight.”

“I wish to look through my mother’s jewelry.”

“You may when the time is right. It is not the right time for such frivolity.”

“There are jewels that I may use for enchantments.”

Asmodeus cocked his head in an attitude of listening, “You are telling the truth.”

“Of course I am telling the truth.”

“I will see what I can do. Is there anything else you wish?”

“I wish my sewing things so the Lady Natalya can begin to fit my mother and sister’s clothing to me.”

“Perhaps I wish you to appear as bedraggled as you first stood before me—or like you did last night.”

“Such dress would tempt no one and only embarrass your vanity.”

Asmodeus’ lip rose, “You unfairly judge your enticements. At the proper time, I will retrieve your sewing things from the baggage.”

“Thank you. You might take on a more civil tone when you speak to me in front of the Lady Natalya. You would not want to shame her or you.”

The demon bowed. “Which gown would you like to wear tonight?”

“My green traveling gown and the green padded boots. What will the Lady Natalya wear?”

Natalya ducked her head, “I repaired the back of my blue dress. That will be sufficient.”

Asmodeus smiled, “I took the Lady Natalya’s clothing from her room in the servant’s quarters. She does not have much.”

Lady Natalya spoke quickly, “I had…, have plenty. Three dresses and five petticoats. They were finely made…”

Aksinya put out her hand, “And hand me downs. When we have an opportunity, I will buy you something new. For now, which would you like to wear?”

“My green dress.” She glanced down, “I shall wear green too.”

Aksinya glanced at the demon, “You have your instructions. Are you happy to not have to draw my bath and serve my meals?”

“Yes,” laughed Asmodeus, “And to not sew your clothing.”

“When will we leave?”

“When the sun is fully down.”

So, are the really ready to travel--the demon has his plans.

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