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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Publication - Seller Connections, Profile

23 November 2011, Publication - Seller Connections, Profile

Introduction: I realized that I need to introduce this blog a little.  I wrote the novel Aksinya: Enchantment and the Daemon.  The working title was Daemon, and this was my 21st novel.  Over the last year, I gave you the entire novel in installments that included commentary on the writing.  In the commentary, in addition to other general information on writing, I explained, how the novel was constructed, the metaphors and symbols in it, the writing techniques and tricks I used, and the way I built the scenes.  You can look back through this blog and read the entire novel.

I'm using this novel as an example of how I produce, market, and eventually (we hope) get a novel published.  I'll keep you informed along the way.  At this moment, I'm showing you the marketing material I put together for a novel.

Today's Blog:  To see the steps in the publication process, go to my writing website and select "production schedule," you will be sent to

The Profile tab in Author Central allows you to manage: your biography, blogs, events, photos, videos, and twitter.

Go into Author Central and input a biography--you already have the information, that is, if you have been following along and produced the marketing information I suggested. 

Link the RSS feeds from your blogs to Author Central.  If you don't know what an RSS feed is, then make a help search for RSS feed on your blog site.  It will tell you the URL of the RSS feed.

When you have author events list them on Author Central--there is a place just for that under the profile tab.

Put up your publicity photo.  If you don't have a publicity photo, shame on you--get one.

If you have videos or trailers, you can upload them here too.

Put in your twitter information--the system will automatically take the twitter feed based on the account information you input.  If you don't have a twitter account, you need one.

There are many more things you can do at Author Central.  I'll write more about that and about photos tomorrow.

I'll repeat my published novel websites so you can see more examples:, and the individual novel websites:,,,,, and

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