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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A New Novel, Part 290 Are You Both Idiots?

21 July 2011, A New Novel, Part 290 Are You Both Idiots?

For those who haven’t been following this blog, let me introduce it a little. I am currently blogging my 21st novel that has the working title Daemon. The novel is about Aksinya, a sorceress, who, to save her family from the Bolsheviks, called and contracted the demon, Asmodeus. Her family was murdered anyway, and she fled with the demon from Russia to Austria.

Father Dobrushin and Aksinya have decided to marry so that they can get rid of the demon.  We discover Dobrushin has given up his position in the Ecclesia for Aksinya.  Father Makar thinks Aksinya is insane...

Father Makar squinted, “Look how she clings to you.  Didn’t I tell you before, Dobrushin, she displays every indication of insanity?  You traded your future for this,” he pointed at Aksinya.
“I know what I have done.”
“You spent all your remaining funds on her too.”
“I have bought a pearl of great price.”
“You are insane, Dobrushin.  Why did you come back here?  What do you want from me?”
Aksinya stuck her head forward, a little around Dobrushin, “We came to ask you to marry us.”
“To marry you?  Are you both idiots?  Dobrushin, what have you traded your future for?”
Dobrushin set his features, “Father Makar, we will be married whether you do it or not.  We need to be married immediately.  Either you do it or the Rathaus.”
“The Rathaus is closed for the day.”
Dobrushin grimaced, “This may be a matter of life and death.  We had to make our plans.  I had to propose.  It was too late after that.”
Father Makar snorted, “You know what I think about all of this.  Why don’t you go find a priest who will marry you tomorrow?”
“You know the problem.  The Catholics have excommunicated Princess Aksinya.  The Rathaus will do it, but this is a sacrament.”
“Others might do it for you.”
Ekaterina put her hand on Father Makar’s, “Makaruska, do you really wish them to be wed anywhere but here?  They intend to do this.  You know Dobrushin’s purpose.  Grant them this small gift.  I shall witness and you shall witness.  Anything else would be wrong.  You know that.”
Father Makar sighed, “I do understand.  I just do not want to encourage this foolishness.”

We learn more--Dobrushin spent the rest of his money on Aksinya (paying off her debt).  Do you remember Aksinya's comments about purchasing her.  Dobrushin confirms this metaphor with his response: “I have bought a pearl of great price.”  This is a Biblical metaphor that means he has paid to purchase something of great spiritual value.

Father Makar isn't pleased.  He rants and then asks why they came to the Ecclesia.  Aksinya exerts herself here.  She has made up her mind and she wishes to marry Dobrushin.  Dobrushin lays it out: either the Ecclesia or the Rathaus.  This is all bluster--the Rathaus is closed.  Dobrushin is a little off with his argument, but you could tell that.  He makes his point, but he isn't exactly correct.  The others that Father Makar means are the nonCatholic and nonOrthodox churches.  That is not necessarily likely in this culture, but they could try.  Dobrushin and Aksinya see this as a point of life and death.  There is a criticality in speed.

Ekaterina finally steps in to provide her quiet and gentle argument.  Tomorrow, what we shall do.

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