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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A New Novel, Part 80 Aksinya's House

We have a short transition through the day with the German class as the only detail.  Asmodeus comes to visit that evening.  This is an example of focusing the storyline only on the important details that move it along.

Asmodeus came to visit that evening. He knocked on the sitting room door. Natalya opened it for him. She curtsied. Asmodeus strode into the room, “Countess, are you ready to make a visit to your house?”

“If I must.”

Natalya looked on with curiosity.

Aksinya went back to her reading.

Asmodeus blinked, “The time to visit is now.”

Aksinya yawned, “The school and convent is locked and the hour is late. How do you expect us to go visiting now?”

“I suspect I will not get your help in concealing the both of you, but I can do it for now. I insist you go.”

“You insist?”

“Your acquiescence now will mean a lot less pain and suffering for you later.”

Aksinya tuned a bored look at the demon, “Are you threatening me.”

“Whenever did I not?”

“You are always lying to me, but because I don’t perceive any harm in seeing my own house...”

“Yes, countess. It is your own house. I procured it for you.”

“Then servant, demon, let us see my house.” Aksinya levered herself off the small couch and Natalya went to get her mink coat. Natalya tied it for Aksinya. Natalya put on the heavy woolen coat Aksinya gave her at their first meeting.

Asmodeus looks like a courtier.  Did you forget?  I tried to remind you with Natalya's response--she curtsies.  He looks like a demon to Aksinya.  The demon demands that Aksinya come visit her house.  She isn't very interested.  She knows the house will lead to problems for her.  How right she is, but she is still tempted anyway.  Natalya watches everything.  The demon gives a temptation to sorcery in the comment about concealment, but backs off quickly--remember, the reason for the house is so Aksinya may practice sorcery.  You should also note, the demon used the jewelry box incident to draw Aksinya to the house--she can't have the jewelry box in the dorms, only in the house. Still, Aksinya ignores the demon.  She makes excuses.  They are good ones.  Then the demon threatens Aksinya.  You knew it would get there eventually.  That is how the demon treats her when he gets to that point. There is a fine turn in the conversation about the demon threatening her and his response--when did he not threaten her.  This is a blatant lie and Aksinya picks up on it. 
About lies.  The demon doesn't lie all the time, but he lies a lot of the time and perhaps most of the time.  If you didn't notice, Aksinya never lies.  She is absolutely artless.  She couldn't hide a blemish especially her own.  We can't forget the cloaks.  Aksinya's and Natalya's are significant to them for different reasons.  This sets us up for the trip to the new house.

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