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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A New Novel, Part 79 Transition and German

After the interlude with the jewelry and box, Aksinya and Natalya went to school.  Chapel is, of course, first, followed by German.  Remember the Demon's words about the German teacher.

When they went to chapel, the crucifix burned against Aksinya’s skin, but her stomach felt better. She didn’t feel quite as nauseous, but she didn’t feel well either. Natalya still had to help her out of the church at the end. They went to their rooms to retrieve their books. The jewelry box was gone. Natalya served Aksinya tea.

Their first class was German with Sister Margarethe. The sister greeted Aksinya and nodded to Natalya. The sister did help Natalya, but she spent most of her class time speaking with Aksinya. At the end, she placed her hands softly on Aksinya’s shoulders, “Dear countess, your skill with German is very good and improving already.”

When they were outside the classroom, Aksinya whispered to Natalya, “I didn’t even finish my work for the class.” And she laughed. Natalya just looked concerned.

They went to their other classes and finally supper.

The problems with the rosary are a continuing theme through the book.  It indicates the guilt of Aksinya's sin.  One point of resolution would theoretically be that if the cross stopped burning her, then her guilt would be gone.  Aksinya has the classic popular and historical indications of deep spiritual problems.  Could you expect anything else?
When they returned to their room, Asmodeus has removed the jewelry box.  They have their morning tea--notice that Natalya pours.

German class is always interesting and important.  Watch closely.  I hope you remembered the interaction before.  Aksinya doesn't get it, but Natalya obviously does.  You can't miss the fact that Natalya knows more than she likely should and understands much more than she says.  Tomorrow, the demon again.

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