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Monday, December 13, 2010

A New Novel, Part 71 The Demon's Wants and Plans

Aksinya was surprised by the demon.  He came into her room without any warning.

Aksinya put her hand to her throat. She paused a moment before she completely cleared her features and slowly turned, “Demon, I told you to knock first. I am your master. You show me great disrespect by not waiting for my summons.”

“You show me great disrespect by not accomplishing your purpose.”

“I have done all you have asked me—you have not obeyed my instructions in the least.”

The demon snarled, “What instructions are you talking about?”

“I wanted my mother’s and sister’s jewelry. I told you more than once.”

“It just slipped my mind. I shall bring them in the morning.”

“I’ve heard that before from you.”

“Then I shall bring them tonight.”

“That would suit me better.”

“Now to my complaints.”

“How can you have any complaints at all? As you insisted, I traveled to my uncle and aunt’s. I came to this school. I called a servant. I have been the one doing your will…”

“Exactly, and I have more for you to do.”

“You ass, this is not how a servant obeys his master. You would learn a lot from the Lady Natalya’s patient service.”

“Is that how a human responds to a demon?”

Aksinya clamped her mouth shut.

“Now, Countess, as I said, I have more for you to do. You are to study sorcery. Shall I assign you a lesson book and insist that you keep to it?”

Aksinya thought quickly, “There is no need, but I do require my books and things.”

“Ha, you know very well I can’t bring your books and items here to you. They would be discovered by that snarling Frau Drescher at her first search.”

“Does she search the rooms?”

“Every day. Many would be surprised what young women bring into their dormitory rooms. Their parents would be appalled. It might even astound you.”

“Without my books and equipment, how do you expect me to study sorcery?”

“That is the first step for you. I have engaged a place. The building across the street is yours. I shall set up your house there. It will have all the wonderful things you are used to having around you. It is your house. It belongs to you. It has a wonderful cellar similar to the one you used for so many years. There, I will set up everything for you and protect it for you. Tomorrow, you must take the Lady Natalya, and I will show you your new place of study.”

Aksinya didn’t speak.

“Aren’t you going to say something? Aren’t you going to thank me?”

“Thank you? I’d rather damn you to hell.”

“Too late.”

Aksinya is surprised by the demon, but to say that wouldn't be half as good as showing it to you.  She tries to keep her fear from the demon.  She can't be certain that he can read her mind.  In fact, she is becoming more and more certain he cannot--therefore, she blanks her face and she attacks.  This is the same complaint she had before.
The demon's response should be interesting to us.  Aksinya's purpose is the question here.  Again Aksinya attacks.  She wanted the jewelry to test the demon's response to a cross.  The reaction of the demon shows us that Aksinya does have some limited degree of power over him--or perhaps that is the demon trying to trick her.  Aksinya reminds him that he is her servant and puts up Natalya as an example of a good servant.  With the demon's return, she knows she shouldn't have said anything about Natalya.  The demon has used Natalya against her before.
The demon then tips his hand: he wants her to study sorcery.  This is truly sin against God.  That is the symbol I used in this book for sin.  Sorcery is Aksinya's sin, while luxuria is her temptation.  The demon has already thought through Aksinya's excuses and complaints.  He has a place for her to study sorcery.  He has her things.  We do get the short bit about Frau Drescher.  The information is enlightening and pushes Aksinya in a way the demon wants her to go.
The demon tempts Aksinya with her own family's things.  All those things in the wonderful chest will be returned to Aksinya.  All the dresses and jewelry and her items and books for sorcery.  This is a temptation Aksinya can't pass up because her temptation is luxuria and her sin is sorcery.  There is more, so don't miss the next installment.

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