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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A New Novel, Part 70 A Transition and the Demon

Everything seems to be going well for Aksinya.  She and Natalya don't exactly fit in, but they have a place at the school, but we can never forget the whole point of everything...

Their next class was mathematics followed by history. Luncheon was simple and there was again tea. Afterwards, they attended literature, science, and theology. Luckily literature was in French. Aksinya translated during science and theology for Natalya. The science was simple for them both, the theology foreign.

They ended their first day at dinner, and the conversation at their table was muted, slightly tense, and definitely less exciting than the first day. They both had time to speak to the students and teachers and although they didn’t make any major inroads with them, they seemed to be accepted to a degree by both.

After supper, Aksinya and Natalya returned to their rooms to study at their desks. The gas lamps provided barely sufficient lighting—their rooms were filled with shadows. Natalya had already prepared Aksinya for bed. Aksinya sat in her silk nightgown with a sweater over her shoulders.

Aksinya struggled with one of the problems in mathematics. She was about to give up and ask Natalya’s help when she heard the door to her room open and close. She didn’t turn away from her desk right away. She was immediately happy that the Lady Natalya felt comfortable enough to come to her room without knocking.

The bed behind her creaked. Aksinya gave a happy sigh. She was about to turn around. The voice of Asmodeus startled her. It dripped with sarcasm and animosity, “Hello, Countess, did you forget about me?”

So we have a short synopsis of the day with a transition.  there is no need to show you directly the other classes or their lunch.  I do in the synopsis give you a lot of information.  At Sacré Coeur the language of literature is French--of course.  Theology is foreign because they are both Orthodox--did you expect anything else?  In this way, I can keep reminding you about their Orthodox roots.  The Catholic expression of faith is similar but different. 
Still in synopsis mode, we see through a window the dinner event.  Again, there is no need for great detail.  In just a few words, I give you the feel: muted, slightly tense, and definitely less exciting than the first day. 

So we get back to the rooms, and here we see some major scene setting.  I don't need to give you details about the room, I need to remind you about what I already told you and then set the differences.  I mention specifically desks and gas lamps.  Do you remember where they were?  That doesn't really matter, but the reason for mentioning desks and gas lamps is the gas lamps were above the beds and the desks.  This gives you an idea.  Then the differences.  The lighting is poor from gas lamp, and I paint you the picture.  You should have a good idea of the environment Aksinya is in.  I then show you a physical description of Aksinya.  She is dressed for bed and a reminder that Natalya dressed her in a silk nightgown, but because of the cold with a sweater.  You should have the entire picture now, cold and dark.

Remember that Natalya is very smart, so Aksinya with a problem in math thinks to get Natalya's help, but then Aksinya hears the door to her room open and shut.  The door is slightly behind her over her left shoulder.  It is dark.  She is concentrating on a problem.  She had Natalya in her mind, like I just put Natalya in your mind.  So you hear next the bed creak.  Aksinya is so happy with Sacré Coeur, Natalya, and her life, she has forgotten.

Asmodeus announces himself.  She did indeed for get about him and so did you.

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