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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A New Novel, Part 72 The Demon's True Purpose

We heard yesterday that Asmodeus has procured the house across the street for Aksinya to practice her sorcery.  Now we get a little more of his plans.

“I don’t want the Lady Natalya involved in this.”

Asmodeus lay on the bed and idly wrote with his clawed finger on her pillow, “You are too late to stop that also. She has such a strong desire to be like you, just like you. She is your apprentice. You will teach her sorcery.”

Aksinya held her head in her hands, “She must learn Latin first.”

“She is a very adroit study. You will find that she will master the language quickly. You are good to have concern for the Lady Natalya. She might have problems in this German school, this gymnasium.”

Aksinya raised her lip, “Why is that?”

“She doesn’t speak German. If you wish her to succeed and not be left behind, you need to help her.”

“To help her study?”

“I would suggest a little help in what you are the best at. That will go a long way to meeting all our goals.”

“You mean use sorcery to help her? Can’t you understand? I don’t want to meet your goals.”

Asmodeus voice was tinged with false despair, “Why should you meet your goals, and I not meet mine?”

“I have no goals…”

“Other than to be rid of me. I understand you perfectly, Countess. Now listen to me and listen well. You experienced the suffering of your soul in the church today. That guy rejects you. The church will eventually vomit you out. I suggest not going at all—otherwise your secrets will be revealed to all the world. Your sweet helper won’t be spared either.” Asmodeus turned his eyes on her, “Second, do not confess to anyone, anything. It might do your soul well, but it will cause you immense suffering.” The demon sat up, “I do have an instruction on a positive note. The Sister Margarethe is a special person whose attention should be encouraged. She will help you and she will help the Lady Natalya because of you.” The demon gave Aksinya a large fang filled grin.

“Is that all you have to tell me, demon?”

“Do you want more? I can certainly give you more instructions. I really wanted to wait a while.”

“You infuriate me. What if I won’t do as you ask?”

The demon examined his claws, “You have already proven to me, a little pain and suffering goes a long way to encourage your compliance. Beyond that, the Lady Natalya is a very gentle girl who has faced much suffering. You haven’t made her suffer much, yet. That can quickly change. Then…this school is filled with mostly innocent beings whose only guilt was to be in the wrong place with a sorceress as their classmate. The sisters of this convent’s peace is also at risk. Frau Drescher is a sour woman whose life has been very unpleasant for a long time. She hides the excesses of the students because she is truly indulgent and kind—she could change. You see, Countess, I brought you here to this place at this time to give special attention to your and my special abilities. We shall work together to promote evil and we shall bring much evil to these innocents.”

In answer to the demon's demand that Aksinya teach sorcery to Natalya, her apprentice, Aksinya responds, that she doesn't want Natalya involved.  The demon his been working hard at his temptation.  He already set up a situation that Aksinya can't control or stop.  Aksinya set up Natalya as her apprentice and Natalya expects training.  We will later see how much Natalya expects.  Aksinya caves into the demon's expectation, but we shall see she fights him to the bitter end on this issue.
Then the demon brings in a new temptation.  He hasn't been so direct or conniving, that we have seen, but now, temptation is back and it is ugly.  The temptation is to Aksinya's sense of duty.  If she doesn't help Natalya, Natalya will fail at school.  The demon suggests Aksinya use sorcery to help Natalya.  All he really wants is for Aksinya to cause herself problems by spending all her time teaching Natalya.  If Aksinya uses sorcery so much the better, if she doesn't...we shall see.
The conversation turns to Aksinya and all the things she has been thinking or exposed to that is to be rid of the demon.  The demon reminds her that God has rejected her and the church has rejected her.  He threatens that her secret sins will be revealed and that Natalya will be harmed.  He tells her to not confess to anyone, then he adds something that should make you and Aksinya wonder.  He tells her to cultivate friendship with Sister Margarethe.  We will find out later why this is so.  It should worry you.
So Aksinya throws down the gauntlet again, and we get a complete statement from the demon.  He lifts up Natalya, the girls in the school, the convent, Frau Drescher all as potential targets for his attacks.  Aksinya, we know, can't face the suffering of others.  We know she will abide by the demon's decrees.  More tomorrow. 

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