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Friday, December 17, 2010

A New Novel, Part 75 Aksinya as a Temptation

The question at hand is specifically Frau Drescher and generally Aksinya's affect on the school.  The demon just answered the following.  The she is Frau Drescher.

“I wish she would. That would be a definite sin. In any case, I do not wish any other undue attention toward you at this point. In this place, they worship your aristocracy. This is a pleasant little lust for all of them here. A little more mystery might enhance that mystique at some point, but not now.”

Aksinya wondered how much the demon lied at that moment. Was she herself a temptation to others—that statement was likely true. If the jewelry were found here, would that really cause a problem—more temptation? He could be lying and by that lie be informing her that to let the jewelry be found would cause her fewer problems. He could also be telling the truth, that the jewelry would lead to more issues for her and temptation for others. It could all be meaningless. On the other hand, Frau Drescher might be tempted to steal the jewelry and that would be a terrible thing for Frau Drescher and for Aksinya. Aksinya felt a very strong avarice toward her mother’s valuables. She knew she would react in a terrible way if they were taken. After a few moments thought, she responded, “Yes, demon. Tomorrow morning, you may take the jewelry to my house across the street. You promised to take care of these things that belong to me and belonged to my family. See that they are protected.”

The demon bowed, “Yes, mistress.”

“You may go.”

Asmodeus bowed to the door and out of the room. After he left, Aksinya gave him a few minutes. She tiptoed to the door and opened it. The demon was gone. She realized that really meant little. Where might a demon go and how might a demon conceal himself? He might be in the room with her at this moment.

We established that the demon doesn't want more attention paid to Aksinya right now.  That is obvious from his comments.  However, there is more to this than that simple statement.  We know the demon can lie.  We know he has lied to Aksinya before.  The question before us (and Aksinya) is how much does he lie.  We know Aksinya over thinks everything.  I let you see her thinking here.  This is one of the rare times, but I think it is a good technique to use at this point.  I want you to sense her mind and the quandary Asmodeus' short statement put her in.  I want you to know the same indecisiveness she knows.

I also want you to see the depth of her luxuria problem.  You see it in the detail of her mind--she would do anything to forestall the loss of her things.  Aksinya realizes the depth of her problem, but she likely doesn't realize it is sin.  So her answer is to accommodate the demon and therefore accommodate herself.  If you didn't get it before, you should now.  Aksinya is reacting to the demon exactly as he has planned.  He tempts her.  This temptation is so much more subtle than some in the past.  Aksinya seems to accept it hook, line, and sinker.

The demon plays along and continues to acts the servant.  Aksinya is especially vulnerable to this means of approach.  As I mentioned, the demon plays one way then the other.  He knows how to affect her.

Then a small revelation of the how he knows her so well.  Aksinya rightly infers that Asmodeus could be in the room with her at that moment.  He could spy on her at any time.  There are few secrets from him.  At that moment, she recognizes the problem.  She will now show more caution.

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