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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Novel, Part 90 A New Book of Sorcery

Now we get down to business.  Asmodeus does indeed have something for Aksinya.  He has more than one thing for her.  Everything has been set up and the demon is beginning to move forward.  Asmodeus is speaking.

“And you would die. That comes of losing an arm or an eye.”

Aksinya was breathing hard, “Why do others forget you so easily? My aunt and uncle didn’t even ask after you. It is as if you were a ghost or something.”

“I am no ghost, only a demon—a spirit, nonetheless. You know exactly what I am and who I am. You know I am not made corporeally of the material of this world. I am an eternal being like your eternal soul. You shall be with me for an eternity. You might as well get used to my company.”

“I am sleepy now, disturb me no longer.”

“Have you forgotten? I have work for you to do.”

“Get out!”

“I shall not.”

“I shall scream. See how that fits with your plans.”

“Dear countess, you may scream and scream and scream, no one will come. Just as I manipulate the world around us, I can change the sounds and the words as I will.”

Aksinya leapt off the bed and began to draw a circle in her special chalk on the floor. The demon stepped over to her and grasped her by the hair. Asmodeus shook her, “A magic circle will do you no good tonight. I will deliver my instructions and expect you to follow through with them.”

Aksinya writhed in his grasp.

“I know what you are thinking. You will make a circle before you go to bed. That will only stop me for a while. You should realize you can’t hide from me. I await your pleasure eternally. Now listen to me.” He shook her again, “Countess, I have a present for you.” He dropped her to the floor, and a heavy brown book fell beside her.

Aksinya crept away from the demon and the book.

The demon cracked his knuckles, “That is a new book for your collection. You read about it in one of the earlier tomes…and lusted for it. It is yours now.”

“Where did you get it?”

“What does it matter where it came from? It is yours now. I grace it to you to use the knowledge as you see fit.”

Aksinya couldn’t say anything back to the demon. She wanted to read the book. She longed to read it. She couldn’t say anything to him. She was too embarrassed to do anything at the moment.

Our closing comment yesterday from the demon.  If you are rid of me, you will die--is this a lie?  Aksinya doesn't know.  She asks the question that has plagued her mind this evening.  He doesn't answer her question, but he gives us a lot of information that defines a demon and a human soul.  The answer to Aksinya's question is within the framework of the demon's answer.  The demon is an eternal being like a human soul.  We knew than intrinsically.  The point is that like a soul, the demon is not corporeal.  The interchange becomes an argument and Aksinya threatens to scream--she will awaken the house.  The demon's response is exactly what Aksinya knows, the demon can change sounds and sights.  She also knows the solution that prevents the demon from acting on her.
She immediately jumps off the bed and begins to draw a magic circle.  She certainly didn't expect the demon's reaction.  He has never physically accosted her before.  Now he does.  The demon grabs her hair--do you get it.  He has not touched her before except to help her.  Now to punish and physically threaten her, he grabs her hair.  He can do this because she gave him her hair as a surety.  He can't harm her otherwise, not directly.
The Demon gives Aksinya a gift--he graces it to her.  The word grace is very important in this context.  It is a free gift of temptation.  It is a book of sorcery.  I don't tell you it is a book of sorcery, you figure it out from the context and Aksinya's desire.  Note the end of this piece--the only thing Aksinya can think of is to read the book.  The book is a book of sorcery and it is a focus of her lust.  The demon read her right.  He knew exactly the way to tempt her.  Now he has her attention and now that he does...we shall see what else he wants from Aksinya tomorrow. 

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