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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Novel, Part 91 The Sister Margarethe

Asmodeus accosts Aksinya and then gives her a new book of sorcery.  Aksinya's desire is in control of her already.  She desires the book.  She wants to read it.  Don't you have the same feelings about things you desire too?  You can't wait to read a book or work with some item or try something you just bought?  Then the demon brings up Aksinya's "disgusting sexual habits."  He has a solution for her.

Aksinya couldn’t say anything back to the demon. She wanted to read the book. She longed to read it. She couldn’t say anything to him. She was too embarrassed to do anything at the moment.

The demon took a step back toward the door, “I also have a message that will bring you relief from your disgusting sexual habits. You don’t imbibe in true lust. You will now have that opportunity. Perhaps you have noticed the attentions of Sister Margarethe. She likes girls like you: innocent, boyish, not too pretty. She is gentle, but she is insistent. She has had a problem with this since she was young. The reason she entered the convent was to gain some relief, but she never expected to be a teacher of young women. She controlled herself all these years. Now, she is infatuated, and you are her infatuation.”

Aksinya trembled, “What are you asking—I don’t understand you at all?”

“Are you so innocent and naïve, Countess? I want you to provide sexual comfort to this nun, Sister Margarethe. She desires you, and I know once you taste the forbidden fruit of true lust, you will not be able to control yourself again.”

Aksinya was shaking, “Can women do such a thing?”

The demon smiled, “You know they can. They have since the beginning.”

“You are lying. They did not do any such thing since the beginning. God didn’t make women to do such things…”

“But they can. I wish you to comfort this nun.”

“I won’t do it.”

“We shall see.” The demon backed out of the door and closed it.

Aksinya drew a magic circle around her bed. She made certain it was tight and that it encompassed her completely. Then she fought a silent battle almost the entire night with the book. She lost her fight in the early hours of the morning and began to read it. She lost again when she tried one of the spells in the book. And she lost a final time to her own desires.

Aksinya is caught up in her desire.  The demon has a message for her.  Doesn't he always?  Don't we expect such messages from him?  Do you remember, the demon encouraged Aksinya to befriend Sister Margarethe.  Now we learn why.  Asmodeus tells Aksinya that the sister is infatuated with her and desires her sexually.  This is a problem the sister has had all her life, and the demon wants Aksinya to tempt the sister into sexual sin.  Aksinya is a naive person.  She doesn't know about such things.  She can't imagine that women could do sexual things like that.  She likely has never thought about it before.  The demon tempts her by bringing it to her attention.  The demon tells her, women have done such things since the beginning.  The demon is lying and Aksinya knows it.  The trick is, the demon doesn't care if it was a lie.  His point is to get the idea into Aksinya's mind.  If you remember, this is the way temptation works.  You place the idea in the mind of the tempted.  If you did it right, the tempted will dwell on the idea until they finally sin.  The demon even calls it "comfort."
We then see the results of the demon's "book" temptation.  Aksinya fought a battle with the temptation of the book and lost.  You knew she would.  Reading the book wasn't a sin--it was a temptation.  The sin was the sorcery.  Then her own sexual desire indicates the loss of control.  The last question in our minds is if she will lose the next fight against the temptation toward the nun.

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