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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Novel, Part 102 She's Dying

Aksinya achieved a great enchantment in the streets of Wien to save Natalya and Sister Margarethe. The power of the world flooded back on her and injured her. She is dying...

Before Aksinya fully woke again, the pain overwhelmed her. She gasped out of sleep with a cough that sent blood and phlegm down her cheeks. Warm gentle hands caught her face and turned her head. She felt the relief on her lungs and her body. Liquid flowed down the side of face. She opened her eyes and saw the dark slick trickle that stained her bed and ran across the sheets. A voice called to her. It was soothing and kind. It was in German accented French.

Aksinya focused her eyes away from the side of the bed and saw that Sister Margarethe held either side of her face. The nun’s lips moved with the French words. As yet, Aksinya couldn’t make them out. She moved her eyes and extended her vision. Natalya leaned against the door with her hands over her face. Aksinya knew tears flowed down her lady-in-waiting’s cheeks. That was just her personality.

She turned her gaze back on Sister Margarethe. Aksinya wanted to pull away from the nun, but she couldn’t rally enough strength to move. She tuned her ears to hear the French that flowed from Sister Margarethe’s lips.

“…we think some of your bones are broken, Countess.”

Aksinya couldn’t respond.

Sister Margarethe’s face was tracked with tears. Her hands held Aksinya so tenderly, but she didn’t want this woman to touch her. Sister Margarethe’s voice caught, “Can you hear me, Countess?”

Aksinya nodded and gasped again in pain.

“The doctor is coming. They said he should be here soon.”

Aksinya shook her head. She put every effort she could into a breath without a cough, “Natalya.”

“Do you want the Lady Natalya?”

Aksinya coughed and nodded. A trickle of blood leaked from her lips.

Sister Margarethe didn’t want to move, she called across the room, “Lady Natalya, the Countess is calling for you.”

Natalya let out a sob and rushed to Aksinya’s side, “My Countess. What can I do? What can I do?”

Aksinya grasped her hand and pulled her with all her might down close to her face. She spoke Russian, “Alone…help.”

Natalya whispered back in Russian, “Do you want Sister Margarethe to leave?”

Aksinya nodded.

Natalya half stood. A tiny hysterical pitch filled her perfect but Russian accented French, “Please, Sister Margarethe, you must go.”


Natalya glanced down at Aksinya, “You may wait outside the door, but you must leave us for now.”

Sister Margarethe didn’t want to let go of Aksinya. She stammered, “Are you certain?”

Aksinya’s grasp on Natalya’s hand tightened, and Natalya’s voice strengthened, “You must go. Please leave us alone. I’ll tell you when you may return.”

Aksinya didn’t have the strength or the ability at that moment to say that she did not want Sister Margarethe to return at all.

Slowly, Sister Margarethe stood. She backed toward the door. Aksinya began to cough. Sister Margarethe cringed at the sound, but Natalya put her arms around Aksinya. The nun left the room and shut the door. Natalya ran and locked the bedroom door behind her.

Aksinya wakes and I show you the extent of her injuries without telling you anything about them. I also introduce you to a mystery--who is caring for her. Sister Margarethe is the last person Aksinya desires to see. Aksinya believes the sister is sexually drawn to her--the demon has convinced her of this.

Natalya can't be far away, but Natalya can't face the suffering of Aksinya. Aksinya knows this. Through the sister, I show you what you might have guessed from before. Some of Aksinya's bones are broken. Although the sister seems to be compassionate, Aksinya can't stand to have her around. The person Aksinya really needs right now is Natalya--can you guess why?

Aksinya uses everything she has to express this to the sister. Aksinya needs to be alone with Natalya. Natalya is bright, she gets it. The reason why will be revealed very soon. Every action of Aksinya is to get Sister Margarethe out of the room. The reason isn't that she fears the sisters sexual proclivities right now. Natalya gets it. When the sister leaves, Natalya locks the door. We shall see tomorrow what Aksinya has in mind.

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