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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Centurion is featured on another blog

This week Lynnette Bonner is featuring my novel Centurion on her blog at The account on her blog tells about how I got the idea for the novel, wrote it, and eventually found a publisher.

I am planning to write a sequel to Centurion. I already have a name and plot in mind. The name is Praetorian, and the plot will be set in Rome during the period after the crucifixion until around AD 56 or so. This allows the integration of Paul into the plot and the theme. I'm not certain how I will work that history into the novel. There has been a question about the time of the death of Paul. Many historians think he died in Rome in AD 55, but the writing of the pastorals "Timothy and Titus" plus the trip to Spain would have required at least a decade later. This historical anomaly requires some explanation and would be a perfect topic for Praetorian. I spent a lot of time in Rome and environs, so I'm familiar with the territory. I haven't started the writing yet because I just finished Dana-ana (current working title). I usually have to wait a while for inspiration (at least a couple of months to get the previous book out of my mind). In addition, I have a couple of other novels in the writing list ahead of Praetorian. I've even gone so far as to outline Ddraig Goch. This science fiction novel is planned to complete the Ghostship Chronicles

Right now, I'm writing from deep in corn country and my granddaughter is sitting on my lap and telling me to draw Sam the pony for her. That means you should expect a new addition to the aviation blog when I fly back to the Air Capitol on Wednesday.

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