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Friday, August 13, 2010

Why Aegypt

After thinking about my post on titles, I thought it might be a good idea to explain why I named Aegypt, Aegypt It is an esoteric title that to many readers might not appear to describe the work. As I mentioned before, my mentor Roz Young recommended I call the work "In the Tomb of the Goddess of Darkness and Light." In that context, I thought to name it "In the Tomb of Darkness and Light." The problem with both these titles is that they are descriptive and perhaps too descriptive. One of the mysteries in the book is the tombs themselves. The original reason I settled on Aegypt was that the book was about broader Egypt in a physical, historical, and spiritual sense. That is, the work was historically about an ancient accidental colony of the Egyptians. Although Aegypt occurs physically in modern Tunisia, the title, and the theme refers to the extension of Egypt out of the area that Egypt physically resides in the ancient and modern world. I decided on the Greek and ancient spelling of the name for Egypt, Aegypt to refer to the ancient and archaic. The work is about the world of the ancient Egyptians projected into the modern world. So the title refers to this physical, historical, and spiritual projection of ancient Egypt into the modern world. It stands as a metaphor for everything that is Egyptian.

Now about the series see new novels. I have written eight total novels in the theme of Aegypt. These are very exciting, mysterious, and adventurous novels. Because the work became a series of novels, my publisher asked me to think up a name to describe the entire set of works. With the help of my prepublication readers, I settled on the name "Ancient Light." The motif of the series is light and darkness is light and darkness, so the name is Ancient Light. The next novel is called Sister of Light. It is on contract and should be out this Summer or Fall. Likewise Sister of Darkness is on contract and should be out in the same time frame.

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