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Friday, August 6, 2010

Sister of Light

I don't have a book cover yet for Sister of Light. You can see a cover proposal at and at This is a novel in the Aegypt series. It is a complete novel, and you don't have to read Aegypt to enjoy it. It follows, Leora and Paul, the major characters in Aegypt. This book covers the interwar years from 1926 to 1934. This page also includes the production schedule for those who are interested. Many authors wonder how the timing of a book is as it goes from acceptance to completion, I decided to cover it for this book and my subsequent books.

Here is the synopsis of Sister of Light. You should check out the secrets pages for more information.
Leora Bolang is a goddess. Not an imaginary being, but a real flesh and blood goddess awakened from death out of a 4000 year old tomb. In ancient Egypt, Leora was known as the goddess of light. Unfortunately, Leora’s sister, Leila is the Egyptian goddess of darkness, and it was the goddess of darkness who forced Leora into the tomb and an early death. In 1926, Paul Bolang released Leora from her tomb, but Leila was also released. Leila is absolutely evil, and Paul Bolang with Leora fought her earthly being and defeated her. Leila’s spirit, her ka, was released into the world and now the goddess of darkness wants revenge, revenge and power over the lives of men.
Paul Bolang is an officer in the French Cavalry—a hero of the Great War and France’s colonial expeditions. For Leora’s sake, Paul accepts an exchange tour with the Americans—Leora, the goddess of light, requires the sun for her power and being. In America, they find purpose and bear children—four beautiful and precocious beings who absorb languages and learning like a sponge. But in 1933 Paul is recalled to Paris and to a special assignment. Leora saw a future much different than this, but for her family and her children, she returns with Paul to France. Leora always faced tension in European and American society because she is dark skinned and African. The cloud blanketed skies of Northern Europe entice her sister, Leila, but rob Leora of her full power. When Paul departs, Leora tries vainly to hold onto her strength, but without Paul she looses hope and vitality. Paul is captured during a military operation and Leora receives another blow. Before he vanished, Paul sent her a package--an antiquity the Germans and Leila desire. A blackmailer from Leila threatens Paul and Leora’s honor and Paul’s military commission.
The events of Leora and Leila’s release caused the destruction of Paul’s command and men. The official record marked Paul a hero—his blackmailer threatens to release information that will show Paul was a coward and traitor. He further threatens to reveal Leora as a primitive tribeswoman and whore. Leora rejects the threats and finds herself quickly at Paul’s court martial. The trial rules against Paul, and Leora’s name and picture are splashed across every paper in Europe.
Now Leora must discover the strength to fight her sister and find her husband. Beaten down at every turn, Leora’s family and friends come to her rescue—they support her and Paul. Leora has only one chance, she seeks out Paul’s British friend, Sir Barot Cheston. Only Sir Barot possesses the money, connections, and friendship that might give her a chance of finding Paul Bolang. With Sir Barot’s impetuous and overly refined graduate student, Tilly Hastings, they begin a breakneck mission to discover the origins of the antiquity Leila desires, the source of information that dishonored Paul and Leora, and ultimately, the rescue of Paul Bolang.

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