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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sister of Darkness

I have two books on contract with OakTara publishing. You can see more about then at and I already talked about Sister of Light. Sister of Darkness is the next novel and follows the main characters from Aegypt through WWII. All my books are in some way dark. I try to trip issues and explore themes that propel the characters into the depths of difficult decisions. A novel is great only because the theme itself is important. No one wants to read a novel about a trivial subject or a trifling problem. The problem in Sister of Darkness is the interaction of Lumiére, their daughter, with the Goddess of Darkness, Leora's sister and Lumiére's aunt. The Goddess of Darkness has been encouraging Hitler's actions in WWII. So, you can see the dilemma posed by this book. Lumiére's entanglement becomes a problem for her parents because to fight the Goddess of Darkness, they must also confront their daughter. The problem is worse because Lumiére thinks she has been tainted by involvement in her aunt's actions and work. This book is action packed and exciting. It builds the intelligence involvement of the main characters that is further fleshed out in later novels.

Here is a synopsis of Sister of Darkness.
A pall spreads over the world with the beginning of World War II. The darkness is both a physical and spiritual miasma. Colonel Paul Bolang, a special officer in the French Alpine Corps, is assigned, with his men, to support the Allied operations against the Germans in Norway. He leaves his wife, Leora Bolang and their children Lumiére, Robert, Jacques, and Marie in sunny Hyères, France.
Paul and Leora share a secret they have never divulged to their children or to their closest friends. Leora is the incarnation of the Goddess of Light, herself reintroduced into the world from a 4000 year old tomb. Paul, her warrior, has a power beyond that of normal humans. Unfortunately, when Paul released Leora, Leora’s sister, the Goddess of Darkness, Leila was also released into the world. Leila delights in darkness and the deaths of men. 4000 years ago, Leora and Leila were displaced with the entire pantheon of the Egyptian gods when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt. Now Leila wants revenge—revenge against the people who displaced her and revenge against the world—“that is her purpose.”
Paul is still on assignment when Germany invades France. Leora and her children barely escape the clutches of German troops through the help of Major Lyons leading a British Special Forces Team. They are shipped to Britain with only the clothes on their back. In Britain, Matilda Hastings, Tilly, rescues them, and Leora discovers she was, weeks before, invited to a royal function. How did Lyons know the Germans were coming for them? How did Tilly know to help them? Why the predestined invitation? Who knows about Leora and Paul’s secrets, and who is helping them?
Worse, the Osiris Offering Formula, a small black tablet Leila desires, lay protected and safe at the house in Hyères—now it is missing. If Leila gets her hands on the offering formula, she will be able to influence the world a hundred fold greater with her evil. Leila controls men through their own dark desires. With the offering formula, her power will increase.
As war spreads, Leora must deal with Paul’s loss, her sister’s interference in the world, the violent world around her, and finally, her daughter, Lumiére’s strange dreams and desires. The novel, Sister of Darkness leads through the dark days of World War II from its beginning to a spiritual confrontation at its conclusion. Leora and Paul face enemies and threats throughout, yet they persevere to the bitter end—an end where they must directly confront Leila and their own daughter.

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