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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not everyone likes science fiction. I love science fiction, and I enjoy writing it. Many people who don't usually read or enjoy science fiction, enjoy my science fiction novels. The Chronicles of the Dragon and the Fox were written for my adult children. They encapsulate honor in its most pure form. They focus on an honor based culture and society that is futuristic but still ancient. These books appeal to those who like Arthurian legend and intrigue. The first of the series of three novels is The End of Honor.
The fragile peace of the Human Galactic Empire hangs in the balance. Book One The Chronicles of the Dragon and the Fox An intragalactic war threatens to tear apart his heart. and the entire Empire. The death-knell of the Human Galactic Empire has sounded-it is the crash of an axe against the virgin white marble of the Hall of Accords. It is the bitten-off cry of the Lady Lyral Neuterra, whose head lies sundered from her smooth shoulders. It is the death of the Emperor at the hand of his own son. It is the whirlwind of a thousand ships sent to enforce the new Emperor's will. And only Prince John-Mark, the Emperor's youngest son, can bring the Empire back from the edge-back to peace and honor. Don't miss... Book Two: The Fox's Honor Book Three: A Season of Honor Or L.D. Alford's suspense-thriller: Aegypt

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