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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Season of Honor

This is the first novel I wrote, but it was tempered by the completion of 7 other novels before it was published. I liked the characters so much, I had to write the other 2 honor novels to expand the world that went before. This, like the other novels in The Chronicles of the Dragon and the Fox, is a complete novel. The other books simply give you the details of the back story that is alluded to in A Season of Honor. This novel asks the question of what circumstance might make an honorable man potentially compromise his honor. It is an exciting adventure coupled with romance.

The fragile peace of the Human Galactic Empire hangs in the balance. Book Three, The Chronicles of the Dragon and the Fox. Don't miss Book One, The End of Honor or Book Two, The Fox's Honor. By L.D. Alford, the author of the suspense-thriller, Aegypt, Centurion, and The Second Mission. Baron Shawn du Locke must choose between honor and desire. horn of his lands, regency, title, father, lady, and name, the only thing left to the Baron Shawn du Locke is his honor. Nothing in the past has shaken it and nothing would cause him to compromise it—until he meets the Lady Elina Acier, the last hope of the Noble Houses of the Human Galactic Empire. To protect the planet Acier from the Emperor, she must marry a Duke’s son. Shawn must safely deliver Elina to the Imperial capital before the Emperor discovers and kills Elina, and before her presence drives him insane…or he falls in love.

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