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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daemon (working title)

24 August 2011

I hope you enjoyed reading this novel that is Daemon (working title).  In future posts, I'll go through the rest of the steps in editing, picking a title, preparing marketing material, presenting to a publisher, and the other steps an author goes through after the novel has been written.

Perhaps this is the point to say, no novel has been finished until it comes out in print (electronic or paper). 

Let's talk a little about this novel.  If you followed along for the entire trip (or maybe part of it), you can see that Daemon (working title) is a very complex novel.  It is a semi-allegory based on the book of Tobit.  The novel explores temptation and the power of temptation.  It uses as its primary symbol a demon, Asmodeus, who was called and contracted by the novel's main character, Aksinya.  Aksinya is a very powerful, but needy person.  I could say much more, but I've already spent about 100,000 words describing the details within the writing of a 125,000 novel.  During this trip, I've shown you many of my writing techniques and tricks.  There are many more--many I missed and many more that I don't use routinely.  Still, I passed on to you my ideas, and I hope you can use them well.  I do and will continue to use them.  This was my 21st novel, but I am already writing a 22nd, and I'm using all the techniques and the ideas I described here, in my new book.

Tomorrow, I'll talk about selecting a title.

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