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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A New Novel, Part 318 I am Mrs. Aksinya Andreiovna Lopuhin

18 August 2011, A New Novel, Part 318 I am Mrs. Aksinya Andreiovna Lopuhin

For those who haven’t been following this blog, let me introduce it a little. I am currently blogging my 21st novel that has the working title Daemon. The novel is about Aksinya, a sorceress, who, to save her family from the Bolsheviks, called and contracted the demon, Asmodeus. Her family was murdered anyway, and she fled with the demon from Russia to Austria.

Dobrushin and Aksinya married.  The last we knew, they were contemplating travelling to Boston in the United States... 

Aksinya swung off the streetcar and skipped down the Union Park in Boston.  She wore a tweed dress and a jaunty tweed cap.  She carried a leather briefcase her Dobrushushka had given her at her graduation only a month before.  It reminded her of the briefcase she owned when she attended Sacré Coeur, but she never remembered carrying that one herself.  She was very proud of this briefcase—it held her diploma in linguistics and teaching from Radcliffe College.  Radcliffe was one of the few woman’s college she could attend since all the Catholic ones excluded her.  She had mostly escaped notoriety, but still she and Dobrushushka attended a very small Russian Orthodox Church near his office. 
Aksinya spotted Saint John the Baptizer Greek Orthodox Church across the street and started counting the buildings down from it.
She and Dobrushin had been in Boston for a little over four years.  They were delightful years.  She already wondered what she would do to seduce him tonight—it had been two days already since the last time.  He was already a partner at the law firm.  Everyone in the firm knew he was married, but Aksinya rarely showed her face there.  Dobrushushka begged off officially because of her schooling.  That was a good thing, she didn’t need notoriety.  She didn’t want her Dobrushushka to lose this job.
Aksinya halted when her counting reached the correct house number and glanced at the building.  She stopped skipping and walked carefully up the stairs in front.  The sign was right beside the door: Sacred Heart of Christ, Russian Orthodox Seminary for Young Women and Girls.”
Aksinya smiled.  That sounded like just the place for her.  All the other schools where she applied to teach mistook her for a student.  None of them had called her back.  She luckily heard about this place from a friend at their Ecclesia.
Aksinya pulled the bell.  After a couple of minutes a matronly woman dressed as a chamber maid answered the door.  She was pleasant looking.  Aksinya smiled and announced in English, “I am Mrs. Aksinya Andreiovna Lopuhin.”

This is an entirely new scene and location.  First, I set the scene.  I do this by showing you Aksinya's actions.  She swings off a streetcar and skips down Union Park (that's a street).  I give you a description of her clothing.  Do you remember the type of clothing she wore once before--it was silk and satin.  In the beginning of the novel, she was dressed in a dress fit for a princess--that didn't fit her well.  Now, she is dressed like a Kelly Girl.  She has on wool--it is nice clothing, but not very fine.

I give you another past reminder and some information.  She carries a briefcase that was a gift from Dobrushin at her graduation only a month before.  This tells you that she went to school.  I also tie the briefcase to Sacré Coeur and to Natalya (Aksinya never carried her old briefcase).  I use the briefcase as a tool to tell you her degree and her college.  Then I remind you that she couldn't attend any Catholic colleges. 

I give you more information: they attend a small Ecclesia and near Dobrushin's office.  Do you see how I am bringing you up to date about Aksinya and Dobrushin just using description.  I really haven't told you anything.

Then more of the setting.  The church on Union Park and Aksinya counts the buildings to find the proper address.  More information--they have been in Boston more than four years.  This is mixed with a little of Aksinya's thoughts--to tell you how precious Dobrushin is to her, and how they keep her nobility a secret.  Again, mixed with this is information that Dobrushin is a partner in the firm.  The reminder here is that Aksinya's notoriety could lose Dobrushin his job.

So, Aksinya arrives at her destination.  She stops skipping.  Did you get that before?  Aksinya is so happy, she skips.  She stops intentionally to not give the wring impression.  The name of the school is another connection with the past.  Sacré Coeur means Sacred Heart in French.  The sign is in English (I don't have to tell you).  The name is why it is just the right place for her.  

Then I give you some information--Aksinya's appearance is young and small.  The schools where she applied mistook her for a student, and they didn't call her back.  We also find that Aksinya heard about this school from a friend in the Russian Ecclesia.  This is an important connection. 

At the end of this piece, Aksinya announces herself to the maid.  A maid answering the door indicates the wealth and status of the school.  Tomorrow, the school.

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