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Friday, October 14, 2011

Marketing - to Publishers Electronic Press

14 October 2011, Marketing - to Publishers Electronic Press

Introduction: I realized that I need to introduce this blog a little.  I wrote the novel Aksinya: Enchantment and the Daemon.  The working title was Daemon, and this was my 21st novel.  Over the last year, I gave you the entire novel in installments that included commentary on the writing.  In the commentary, in addition to other general information on writing, I explained, how the novel was constructed, the metaphors and symbols in it, the writing techniques and tricks I used, and the way I built the scenes.  You can look back through this blog and read the entire novel.

I'm using this novel as an example of how I produce, market, and eventually (we hope) get a novel published.  I'll keep you informed along the way.  At this moment, I'm showing you the marketing material I put together for a novel.

Today's Blog:  Electronically published novels are the same problems with subsidy press on steroids.  Let's talk about electronically published books a little.  In today's publishing market, if you are published in print, it is likely that you will also be published electronically.  Most publishers will not miss the opportunity to put your work into an electronic format because they make much more profit from an electronic book.  Additionally, the transition from print book to electronic book is easy. 

The way books are edited and printed today is completely electronically.  You send your manuscript to a publisher as a computer file.  Your publisher edits that file and usually sends you a pdf.  You send your edits back to the publisher electronically etc.  The final markup will be a computer file which is used to print the book run or POD.  That same file is formatted into the proper electronic file for electronic publication.  It's really easy to do. 

Part of the problem with electronic publishing is that it is so easy and inexpensive to do.  It can be free.  What we are seeing today is the abortion of potentially great writers and potentially great books because they are set free into the vast electronic publication black hole.

More tomorrow about electronically published books.

I'll repeat my published novel websites so you can see more examples:, and the individual novel websites:,,,,, and

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